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Most homeowners aren’t aware that tree roots cause up to 90% of sewer backups and blockages. Tree roots love to flourish in the sewer system due to the nutrients the roots can find in the pipes-which can cause for a messy situation. However, NWDS can help put a stop to the thriving tree roots in the sewer system with a chemical root control formula. This formula began with a team of botanists and scientists at UC Davis in California that had discovered a method that was a non-systemic, non-selective herbicide, which kills the roots in the pipes without killing the trees. Cities and residences have used this unique formula for over 50 years to attack their sewer issues due to tree roots. Now, our team uses the same root control formula for our clients experiencing the same sewer problems.

Before, the traditional method of fixing these root issues was to cut the roots from the pipes physically. Though this can end badly as the roots can grow back stronger as well as faster- making the situation even worse. Now, our formula can put a stop to the roots growth before it causes any more damage.

We understand that these problems can cause some stress due to the high costs of backups and sewer line failures. Which is why the NWDS team is committed to tackling tree roots growing in sewer systems in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Root Related Problems
When roots make their way into waste collection pipes, it is one of the most destructive problems a sewer system can have. Once the roots reach their way into the sewer system, they begin to block, reduce flow or even cause overflows. Bad things start to happen if the sewer pipes are blocked or have reduced flow. The septic pools can begin to produce hydrogen sulfide and other dangerous gases. Tree roots in your sewer system will also damage the pipes along with other structural parts of the waste collection system meaning costly repairs.

What is Chemical Root Control?
Back in the 1960’s chemical root control was invented to reduce the frequency, as well as size, of root intrusions that would cause backups in sanitary sewer systems. We inject this herbicidal foam into the sewer line to kills the roots. However, this herbicidal foam will only kill the roots and not the trees that produce them. This means that your sewer backups were caused by tree roots can be fixed while preserving the tree that’s causing them. How does this work? The formula kills the roots from the inside out, and the roots will begin to decompose, they will eventually wash away within the pipe. To prevent regrowth, a growth inhibitor called dichlobenil is deposited into the joints and cracks within the pipe.

Why Choose Chemical Root Control?
Choosing chemical root control merely is more effective at stopping the root issue for good. Injured roots produce a hormone that actually speeds up and thickens the regrowth. The roots will not only grow back, but they will grow back quicker and heavier no matter how many times they’re cut. Chemical root control is a proven way to eliminate those pesky roots without the worry of them growing back. This particular method won't just last longer but is also cost-effective in treating and preventing root problems in the future.

Why Choose Northwest Drain Station?
Northwest Drain Station is the first local company in Royal Oak, MI that brings chemical root control solutions to both commercial and residential markets! We are licensed pesticide applicators for sewer line root control and are happy to be able to offer our services to homeowners and cities alike. No project is too big or small for us! Here at NWDS, we not only specialize in chemical root control, but we are also experienced and knowledgeable in other forms of pipe rehab. For our pipe projects, we utilize CCTV, root control, grease control, CIPP lining, and pipe bursting. With our state of the art CCTV equipment, we can pinpoint the problem and document what we see for all our clients. When needing to determine the situation we’re working with, CCTV this is our first step. CCTV helps us to decide what actions need to be taken to ensure a long lasting and stable pipeline.

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What is CCTV?
Simply put, CCTV means closed-circuit television. This is a TV system in which the signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored for surveillance and security purposes. CCTV is the term we use for our video pipeline inspections.

Will chemical treatments kill my trees?
Not at all! Our team only uses a contact pesticide that kills only part of the root it touches, as well as short distance beyond that part. Using this method allows us to control the root growth that’s in and around the sewer pipe. We have a formula that can kill any root it touches without killing the tree.

When is root growth most active?
The most active time of the year for root growth is in the fall, winter, and spring right before the trees grow their leaves.

How big of an opening does a root need to grow into a sewer pipe?
The opening can be as small as a human hair, and a root can still penetrate through it.

Why do roots grow towards sewer pipes?
The tips of a root tend to grow toward areas that have high water levels and high nutrients. Typically, the area around your sewer pipes stay relatively moist and are nutrient rich, so the tree roots love to thrive there.

Do you provide a guarantee?
Yes! Our company has a 1-year no root growth guarantee that’ll keep your pipes free of those pesky roots.

Should I get a sewer inspection before buying a new home?
Yes! Whether the home is new or older, a sewer inspection should be done before the home is purchased. This can save the potential homeowner a lot of money in the long haul.

Does homeowner's insurance cover the replacement or relining of sewer pipes?
No. Unfortunately, standard homeowner's insurance doesn’t cover the cost to replace or reline sewer pipes. Homeowners are responsible for the pipes, gutters, and drains in and around their home- including the sewer pipes.

When should I consider pipe replacement?
If your sewer line is at high risk for collapsing or has significant structural damage, then you should highly consider replacing it. Chemical root control works best and is a more cost-effective treatment if the pipes are in good condition. The NWDS team will be able to perform a CCTV inspection where we can evaluate the circumstances of your sewer pipes. After we evaluate, we will be able to customize a plan that is best for you.

What are some drawbacks from only using mechanical root control?
Mechanical root control could be considered a band-aid solution, as the roots will grow back. They will grow back faster, stronger and thicker which could cause even more damage. Our team suggests using the chemical root control formula for lasting control root control.

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